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Sachi's political buttons

Dsc02950 Sachi's latest hot seller is her series of Obama buttons, which have been selling by the handful.  A bargain at a buck, they feature vintage ladies with various sayings:
Adorable Gals for Obama
Articulate Women for Obama
Brains Beauty Barack
Delightful Women for Obama
Independent Women for Obama
Scientific Women for Obama
Obama Mama
Oh yes, Obama will be mine
Worldly Women for Obama
..the list goes on.

As for the Republicans amongst you, I'll spare the lecturing.  I think The Onion said it best: "...even if you were able to communicate with these other citizens, your passion and conviction would never be enough to convince them not to vote for their candidate, just as they would never be able to convince you not to vote for your candidate, and just as nobody can convince anybody else that what they believe to be right is wrong, regardless of how clear the evidence to the contrary may be." (60 million people you'd never talk to voting for the other guy).  My very best friend from childhood is a Republican, but as far as buttons  go, as good Democrats, we couldn't bring ourselves to make McCain or Palin buttons for sale.  As capitalists, we are trying to remain mostly neutral in the store so the buttons are the only evidence of our leanings.  And, of course, you can still make your own button with whatever message you desire.


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