any ideas for what to do with lots of fabric?
time is FLYING....

things to make with tiny scraps of fabric

Because I needed more things to do, right?  No, not really.  But there are all these scraps of fabric.  I have packaged some up in what Emily is calling "fabric carrots," for people to purchase. 

 Wednesday 006

I'm sending a batch out to Valley Ridge and have some here at the store.  Super tiny little scraps... what I used to consider "too small to sew" but which I have since used to stitch onto paper, tie on the edges of books...  People who make dolls might like the little bits of fabric for projects, also artist trading cards...  Also good for decoupage - we use them on mirror frames from IKEA and we used them to decorate paper eggs at Eastertime.

I searched on etsy and found many different things to make with fabric scraps, including these cute little circles, fabric wreaths... pretty much all you have to do is type in "fabric scraps" and you'll get a wealth of ideas, and Emily sent this link for making ping pong ball beads covered in scraps of fabric.  So maybe this will tempt you to take some of those scraps...  There's no end of ideas.  As my former boss said, "ideas are a dime a dozen, it's follow-through and time that are in short supply." 

Meanwhile, I've been using our fabric button maker and making larger buttons for the store. 

Fabric buttons 004

AND, I started making tiny fabric-covered buttons.  Michelle makes these into hair accessories and cute little posts.

Fabric buttons 001

They can also be made into brads for scrapbooking or tacks for your bulletin board.  I'm going to make some fabric-covered button bracelets

Fabric buttons 003

and I made this little charmer. 


I have to get more supplies - but I think these will be sweet little charm bracelets and also possibly necklaces.  I just have to cut out the circles.  And the scraps from that?  Time to let them go, unless I suddenly hear from someone that they want a box of little fabric shreds.  I just don't have enough space.  or time.  I think that cutting button circles out of headband and quilt scraps constitutes enough thriftiness.


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Emily W

You might try putting a few little scraps or shreds out in the garden for the birds.


I had a high school biology teacher... a long long time ago, tell me that birds imprint (or whatever) on the material that is in their nest so they will look for those same materials when they are making their own nests - thus he was discouraging us from putting out scraps of fabric or yarn. This was, as I mentioned a long time ago, does anyone know a yes or no on the matter from the bird's point of view? I wouldn't mind colorful birds' nests but not if it makes future nest-building difficult! I was sent directions for making a decorative nest with wire and woven strips of fabric.. yet another thing to do with scraps of fabric.

Jody McGill

Adorable! You may want to check out my website for really great deals on artisan brass chain and clasps :)


Hi I liked your note, add your site to your bookmarks.


I like the buttons on your comment page with the assorted colors and i would like to purchase a bulk of 50, can i have a price? thanx for your time

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