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the flowers that bloom in the spring

Thurs 004Tra la!  The store is definitely filling up with things in bloom.  We just received these lovely folded fabric flower pins from an artist in Minneapolis.  It's an old Japanese technique that has always caught my eye - I've seen some books with amazing folded flowers for purses and other accessories.  But I never got that far.  We also got some fun girls' skirts made with vintage and modern fabrics.  I love the patchwork look.  There are several that I'd like for myself.  Another new arrival is some lovely flower pins handmade here in Madison.  Which give me some ideas of some flowers pins to make from my fabric scraps.  Now to find the time.  

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I had a day off yesterday and I spent most of it setting up the rest of my sewing studio, sewing headbands, washing fabric for aprons and artist pockets, sewing knitter's pockets, and setting out the pieces for a wedding present quilt that I'm working on.  I was using simple batik triangles but the colors and pattern weren't quite coming together.  I cam up with a different pattern to try which is substantially more complicated and less random than my usual style.  I took the whole afternoon to lay it out, now I have to keep that pattern while I sew the pieces together.  It means sewing one row at a time and re-laying the pattern out between.  Still, I'm quite pleased with it.  Naturally the picture that I took is already in another computer but I promise to share pics soon.  I do love working with batiks and now I have visions of all sorts of variations on the theme (classic over-response to a project going well...)

The last couple days have been pretty wonderful -nearing 70 degrees which is well above the average temp.  Some green is starting to come back to the world outside, and I love the little hints of colors in various ambitious gardeners' yards - some mini daffodils, crocuses, regular-size daffodils, even a couple pansies.  The ukelele player is plonking away across the street, "music" that is thankfully easier to drown out that that of the sax.  I've been making more paper packs for spring card-making and garlands, and enjoying the scent of the new soaps and candles and parfums we got in the store.  I'm totally in love with the packaging.  Meanwhile, Sachi has been busy making nests for her necklaces.  They've been very popular this spring.

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And then, what kind of Auntie would I be if I didn't leave you with this?  Sachi got this girls' top at Target but it works well as a tunic when paired with leggings.  (There are daisies on the shoes too).

Thurs 001


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I just bought a Japanese flower bobby pin from you guys yesterday - LOVE IT! Your store is so much fun - I could look all day ! (and probably into the next...)

flower Philippine

Nicely said! flowers blooms in spring, and I really love that season. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting!


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