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new arrivals for the week, or thereabouts

We're still waiting on some more octopus ties, but the new arrivals continued with just a few stragglers from the San Francisco Gift show, restocking by our local artists, and some new finds.

From Madison and Wisconsin artists: typewriter onesies, coasters, t-shirts, notecards

Shop 134
Shop 144Shop 128Shop 142


From indie artists and small workshops around the country: the sarcastic bird magnets, clever and detailed prints from Brooklyn, Madison map coasters on squares of marble


Shop 155Shop 154Shop 150Shop 143Shop 147Shop 146Shop 149


For artists: more colors of baker's twine and washi tape, journals, mini colored pencils, stickers

Shop 159Shop 145Shop 135

Shop 158Shop 157Shop 156


For the next round of special events (the Film Festival, Mother's Day, Graduation): vintage movie posters, Mother's Day cards, nest necklaces, and a great new book for the women graduating and moving to the City.

Shop 153Shop 148Shop 152
Shop 151


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