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Xmas 006

Phew! What a week! I knew that this was the week for the Christmas window to be installed and it has been on my mind. Although this might seem early for some of you, the MMOCA Holiday Art Fair across the street has always been our kick-off date. I know that some people are excited that Nordstrom's is not putting out their holiday decorations until the Friday after Thanksgiving, but I have to say that I was not planning on coming into the shop on Thanksgiving Day to do what ended up being about 12 hours of merchandising to get the window installed and the store back in shape (whatever gets taken out of the window always displaces something else and creates an avalanche of store moves). Additionally, we are already weeks late for the few customers who've been in asking about ornaments and cards. But don't worry, I don't start playing Christmas music in the shop until after Thanksgiving and even then it is on shuffle with non-holiday music.

I purchased many items for the window and had a rough idea of what it was going to look like but to some extent, you don't really know how it is going to come together until you start putting it together. So I was feeling a little anxious about the whole process. Once I started looking at my week, it seemed like Sunday might be the best day to start the process so after work and dinner, I returned to the shop and hauled everything out from the office and back hallway and drawers.

What a mess.

Xmas 001

I could barely walk from the office to the front window. I hadn't really thought it all through but it is a good thing I started on Sunday after hours. I don't think it would have worked so well to install the window while customers were in the store.

The only drawback is that I basically committed myself to working until very late on Sunday night. I hate to leave the windows in too much disarray for too long - it seems like inevitably someone thinks the store is closing and starts an unwelcome rumor. So Sunday night was for clearing the old window and getting the bulk of the new window in place, and then also not leaving too much of a mess for Monday. Despite what my sister thinks, I DID clean up for Monday. But since I had been in to work the Monday before that, I decided that I needed to keep the whole day off so I left Sunday night at 10:30 pm and didn't return until Tuesday morning. There was a pretty big pile of boxes that I left at the back of the store, but at least ther was a pathway. And there was a fairly good start of the Christmas window installed.

Xmas 005And then it was back to work on Tuesday. Hanging up Christmas ornaments, arranging note cards and other products. My niece asked me why I wasn't going to have a big Christmas tree at my house but, honestly, it takes so much work to fill the window, I just don't have energy for too much more. I was pretty wiped out by the end of the day so I haven't been good for much else this week.

Xmas 020Xmas 013Xmas 021

But I managed to fit most of the items in. I actually went to the gift show in July thinking about peacocks and wondering if they were going to be the next owl. But when I got to the show, it was woodland creatures that caught my attention, so I gathered together an assortment, from birds and nests to acorns and mushrooms. And, yes, owls, too.

Xmas 022Xmas 015Xmas 002Xmas 019Xmas 016


Besides the ornaments,we have a lovely assortment of Christmas note cards, rubber stamps and wrapping paper.


Xmas 023Xmas 014Xmas 024
Xmas 017Xmas 018

And other woodland-themed items that are non-Christmasy: stamped dishes from Milwaukee, bird and other natural necklaces from California and here in Wisconsin, lovely mercury glass candleholders in various shades of greens, Sachi's bird button picture frames, also journals and note cards with various woodland images.

Xmas 025Xmas 012


And, oh yes, Totoro. I don't know if you are familiar with this little guy, but my niece really enjoys the movie and I bought some little figurines with her in mind. But it turned out that they were popular with friends and customers and when I was putting together this woodland themed window, it occurred to me that Totoro would be a whimsical addition. The little stuffie/coin purse has been quite popular.

Xmas 011Xmas 004

The window is definitely on the full side; my former boss would have something to say about the lack of white space. But I'm hoping the theme and the color helps pull it all together to some extent. There will definitely be time to tweak it in the weeks ahead but at least I cleared out some space in the office.

Xmas 008Xmas 007


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