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25/25 Day 9: Christmas Gifts

25/25 Day 8: Gifts for Teachers

Honestly, I don't know how they do it! One day with one child is enough to wipe me out for at least a few days, I can't imagine a whole classroom full. SO much energy to try and harnass! I'm not sure we can do anything except share a token of appreciation, and perhaps there's nothing material that can even do the work justice.  I suppose that is true of pretty much any gift. Still, here are some of our favorites, as well as some that our customers keep returning to:

1. Story People stories. I love the writings of Brian Andreas. They are at turns silly, poignant, even a little sad, and whimsical. Honestly, I think they are a great present for all different categories of gift-giving, but my sister likes to give them to the girl's teachers. There's something about the writings that is kind of heartfelt and true the way kids' observations can be.

Shop 1834

2. Magnet Picture Frames. Made right here in Madison (by me), these are simple magnet boards that come with four magnets. They can be used to easily hold and change a single 4x6 picture, or to hold notes or little papers.

Shop 1835

3. Repurposed storybooks. Journals made from old books, made in Portland, complete with a few pages from the original book sprinked in. Coasters from storybook images, made right here in Madison.

Shop 1837

4. Rubber stamps and stickers. I'm sure my brother-in-law would accuse me of giving a busman's gift to go along with the busman holidays we usually take (but we can't help it - we opened a shop because we like shops, so naturally we go to shops when we are on vacation). But perhaps a teacher would enjoy a brand new stamp for grading papers? or a replenishing of the sticker supply? Shop 1836


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