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And just like that, the new year is off and running. Or, rather, we haven't stopped running. Christmas day hardly marks the end of anything as the week between Christmas and New Year's was still pretty busy with customers and browsers and visitors. It's even worse than a usual Saturday which always has an annoying contrast between being at work while everyone else is at their leisure. As a tired shopgirl who still has to inventory the whole store, I'm way past wanting a vacation.  The crabbiness level is high. Being off on Christmas day and New Year's day doesn't quite do the trick. Inventory is taking up most of my attention at the moment - it is usually the kind of task that is much much better in hindsight. Mostly I end up saying, "that wasn't so bad," but it take a lot of work to get to that stage. Plus it is end of year paperwork and tax time so there are various bookwork tasks to finish. At least the first meeting with the accountant was more productive than anticipated.

Just a few more days. and at least inventory will be done.


On New Year's Day we have our customary Japanese meal.

2012 375

And then, even though it doesn't seem to make sense since I was just saying how tired I was of work, I came down to work in the office for the whole day. Well, not "work." I do like to be in the shop with the doors locked and lights off. I've been anxious to get some Blurb work done. I managed to organize my thoughts and photos for my summary of 2012, as well as get a little further on the girl's book (which I am late with, as that is usually part of my Christmas presents). This year, I am including things she said and pictures she drew, as well as photographs, so it is turning into quite a project. In any event, that was my fun project for New Year's day.

I have continued to be lazy about other projects. Mostly I was thinking about my playing cards. So it was a bit of a rude awakening that my sister's consignment check outpaced mine for the month of December. To be fair, she has all those Wisconsin ornaments on her side, not to mention her diligence in making them. Also, my check is usually bigger than hers, mostly because I have many more things at the shop (having spent the 10 years prior making things that I thought would eventually sell at a shop). Meanwhile, however, she has been busy making things and thinking of new items to make and sell at the shop. And I've just been thinking about playing cards. Which, ultimately, could be a cool thing for the shop, but are a long way off from that. I gotta get to work!

Additionally, the workings of the store have gradually taken over more of my time this past year and I see a little lag in my consignment check compared to the year before, which is really more of an issue than what my sister is earning.

So, now, after a little rest, I'm back to thinking about restocking and making for the shop. There is some fine balance between restocking what has already sold and coming up with new things to sell. But I'm starting easy with some projects that were already started. Origami crane ornaments were probably the first thing I ever made for the shop, long before I knew I would have one. I had several cranes waiting in a box. I strung them together under the intent eyes of the cat that I was taking care of. I seem to have no projects that are cat-proof but you can imagine that this one was particularly interesting. Luckily all the cranes made it through intact.


And now begins the work of looking through the list of past solds, prioritizing the restocking... and also brainstorming some new projects. It's always amazing to look back on everything that I've sold over the almost five years - always a nice ego boost and intimidating to-do list at the same time. There were several things I let slide last year so I'll have to do better this year.

We will be leaving for the Craft & Hobby Association trade show in about a week. That is sure to provide new fodder for craft table projects andother projects. We are looking forward to seeing what's new in the craft realm.

Today I inventoried our backstock of Vintaj brass. Putting my hands on all those lovelies makes me anxious to make more necklaces. And I have a plan for some new earrings too. And we had a photo snippet craft party in the morning so that makes me think about snippets.  I have some blue sky snippets to finish up and would like to make some larger Madison ones, as well as maybe just play around some more with some larger pieces. I have a huge collection of photos from various places and I'm thinking about a more abstract snippet... less place specific... 

The party went really well. It's always fun to see how different people interpret the same project. The party host made one for her sewing room with images from magazines; and there were some very sweet baby collages, as well as a couple commemorating weddings.

Sat 003
So I guess it is true what they say about no rest for the ... wicked? weary?


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