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Downtown Delights: part 3

Downtown Delights: part 2

Wow, I am having fun with this series! There are so many delights!

A Room of One's Own. Moved to its new home in the old Canterbury Bookstore space. The children's book section has always been great (such as when you are looking for a non-princess Princess book) but it seem much expanded. Children's books are a particular weakness of mine and I can easily spend $100 every visit I make to a children's book section. I really love the combination of illustrations and text, and the joy of finding a new illustrator or author who creates an interesting story.

Downtown 011

Madison Modern Market. (The owner wasn't in when I first stopped in; I'll share some interior pics after I get permission to take them). New on the 300 block, the transition from Pop Deluxe was virtually seamless in terms of stock so there's plenty of pop and mod goodness.

Downtown 019

The Endless Knot. also on the 300 block. A lovely assortment of handmade and Fair Trade crafts, clothing and accessories from the Himalayas. I particularly like their assortment of scarves and shawls that would also be lovely table coverings. I am also excited about the Fair Trade dress situation on State Street. The Endless Knot has a nice assortment, and more will be coming in a few days when the SERVV store opens up on our 200 block.

Downtown 017Downtown 018Downtown 016

Community Pharmacy. Well, the name covers the important services they provide but I have gained new appreciation for the idea of a worker's cooperative. I really like the idea of business models that are more horizontal in structure and where employees have a little more stake in the whole process. They also have a great selection of cosmetics. But the most important medicine they provide for me is a huge selection of fair trade chocolates.

  Downtown 012

The Soap Opera.  A downtown staple. Chock full of goodies for body care - soaps, shampoos, perfumes and more. I think my favorites are their house brand line of products which can be custom scented. The array of oils to choose from is a little overwhelming but oh so fun. Chuck Bauer's story is here and definitely worth the read. I particularly appreciate the combination of art and business. And if you ever need a rubber duckie, they have tons to choose from!

Downtown 013


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