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Sunday fun: washi tape garland

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Since we decided that we are not going to move, I've been doing a little more settling in. Not that we weren't settled in already, but since it has been on our minds for a few months, there were some things I wasn't bothering to deal with. Now I'm looking with a somewhat more critical eye. Also, Sachi took a merchandising workshop while in New York so she's been bugging me with an assortment of plans.

Mostly I'm looking at how we are using the square footage that we have: are we using it to the best of our ability? These are the kinds of thoughts that are always on my mind - that's one of my best tools for increasing sales (Sachi's talent is customer service, mine is product placement), but I'm digging a little deeper. This also goes along with Sachi's workshop where she was told that people love to look at themselves in mirrors and so you should have something for sale while they are looking.

Anyway, Sachi made a couple garlands for a sample workshop and we put those on our mirror but everyone always asks if they are for sale when they are really just supposed to give you an idea. (That would be a prime example of losing a sale but neither of us have felt like producing those garlands for sale). However, I started thinking that if we aren't going to sell the garlands themselves, at least we could make the garlands out of supplies we can sell (as opposed to scraps of wrapping paper that we no longer have in stock).

Plus, ever since I first searched "washi tape" on Pinterest and came across the fun assortment of washi tape garlands, I've been wanting to try this project. Our drawers of tape were running a little low and while I have a stash of my own to draw from, I thought I'd wait until our order came in from New York. Well, that happened a few weeks ago, but it wasn't until today that I got all the pieces together.  I started this morning, and Olivia has been working on the garland this afternoon. I think it is looking really cute!  For the time  involved, the price will have to be high, but the main point is to give people an idea of something to do with all the fun patterns of washi tape that are out there. So far, the project is entertaining enough that I may well make some for sale, but perhaps I should check with Olivia who has spent a better portion of her day making this one before I judge how fun it is.

I think these will be cute as little decorations in a small space (like here), but I've also seen them used to decorate cards or to decorate packages - instead of ribbon, just wrap it around a plain paper package a few times (such as they did here). We used about two yards of baker's twine and each piece of washi tape is about 3 inches long, folded in half over the baker's twine and then cut to a two-pointed end. Personally, I love the look of a great assortment of tapes so we'll probably offer our collection of tapes for a craft table activity.

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