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I'll admit there are times that I'm tempted to have one of those little carts at the mall and just sell Totoro things. The plastic smell might get to me after a while. But I can't resist a few wallets and coin purses. It's always fun to find a fellow fan, and there are more of us than you might think.


We're still on the receiving end of July 1st ship date orders. As expected, mostly notecards, including boxed thank-you cards, fun cards that come with a pin, and these charming/snarky cards that are block printed by hand.

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We also received some wrapping paper and stickers, designed by Nathalie Lete with birds and squirrels, flowers and other critters. I am really loving the labels and think they would be cool to use in an altered book or travel journal.

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Finally, Emily, formerly of Madison, now of Illinois, sent us some of her crocheted baskets made from repurposed and thrifted fabrics. Every morning I wake up and feel so happy with the rug that she made me - we don't quite have space to sell rugs in our shop but we're happy to have her fun little containers back (not incidentally because we find them useful to display items in).

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