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planners (no, it is not too early)

I've actually found myself wishing I had my 2017 calendar a few times of late and we've had a full stock of planners for at least a few weeks. To the point that a few are starting to sell out. More significantly, we do have planners that start with the academic year (starting August 2016) so it is really not too late.

We spent a lot of time at the Stationery Show in May looking over planners. There are zillions of planners out there right now - we are particularly happy to see that electronic calendars have not made paper planners obsolete. Many people seem to be using planners more as journals, which seems perfect (as someone who always fails to fill a whole page, the idea of a small square for each day is especially appealing).

So, here's what we have:

1. Academic year calendars, running August 2016 - December 2017:

DSCN8046 (1024x768)

fun polka dots and florals in a hefty ring binder format. Not the kind of thing I would carry around with me but would be a really fun guided journal:

DSCN8048 (1024x768)

and the ever-gorgeous, Rifle Paper florals:

DSCN8049 (1024x768)

2. blank planners and notebooks with options for dated pages:

DSCN8045 (1024x768)


3. 2017 planners:

DSCN8047 (1024x768)

not very exciting covers, just solid colors, but really great pages for goal-setting and planning:

DSCN8044 (1024x768)    

 and, yes, I will follow this up shortly with a wall/desk calendar summary.



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