now it's really looking a lot like Christmas
Laura's annual holiday letter

December newsletter

Greetings from Anthology!

We hope you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Laura and I are thankful to have each other as sisters and business partners; we are thankful for all the ways that family, friends, customers and community have supported us in our creative pursuits.

We are also thankful for the recent workshops we took that have sparked ideas and inspired new work. Laura flew to San Francisco for an art journal and collage workshop; she then treated me to a surprise letterpress workshop at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Both of us are now coming up with new designs for greeting cards, baby onesies, t-shirts, buttons and prints.

The Downtown Holiday Open House brought big crowds and big sales this past weekend. Our craft table is covered with boxed holiday note cards featuring llamas, penguins, zebras and kittens. We’ve put out our holiday wrapping paper sheets as well—you’ll find figure skaters, tinsel trees, penguins, poinsettias, Christmas puddings and dogs in sweaters.

So far the most popular presents have been our irreverent desk signs (“I’ll be nicer if you’ll be smarter”), Wisconsin socks, wooden ornaments (laser-cut with our own original designs), Wisconsin coloring books, t-shirts, prints, pint glasses, and onesies for baby’s first Christmas.

We really didn’t think anyone would be in the mood for more political pins post-election, but we’ll keep cranking them out as long as people demand “Love Trumps Hate,” “Nasty Women Vote,” “When they go low, we go high,” Hillary (“Voted Most Popular”), and a "Someday Even Trump Will Be Extinct" dinosaur. Our artist friend Emily Keown painted a number of great designs and helped us sell over 3,000 pins between the final presidential debate and Election Day.

Stop in and see what’s new! Laura just installed the holiday window--come check out this year's theme.

If you are interested in receiving our annual holiday postcard you can e-mail us your street address at

Thank you,
Laura & Sachi
218 State Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703


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