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I can't believe how productive Sachi has been in 2017 already. But I'm happy to say that some of the projects I've been working on, which are taking much longer than I thought they would, are nearing completion. And as an extra, one of the projects, the Madison photo snippets, has just turned into part of my wedding present to some dear friends, and, I think, something which will be available for customization. We've had a couple businesses come in asking about custom pieces for people who have weddings at their venue and we didn't have much to offer, though Sachi went through many different options including some brainstorming about photo snippets which I was overhearing while eating my lunch. I didn't make all the connections though until today when it suddenly occurred to me how I could make some modifications to the piece I'm working on (which is going to be a rectangle and which is waiting for spring for a few other pictures to fill out the color assortment). In the meantime, voila! Amy and Kimberly's Madison photo snippet! Text may be customized.Amykimberly


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