International Day of/without Women
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protest prints, expanded upon

Oh, good grief! There is no end in sight! But, yes, you can be assured that we are still making buttons. and prints. and t-shirts. Buttons are certainly easiest for us because we can type them up overnight in response to whatever happens to be going on. But we have also been making more prints. Sachi has still been busy creating new designs but we are also particularly fond of the In Our America print from NWGSDPDX. We have them in store, but they are also available for free download here. We love the ways that sales of this print are supporting non profit organizations from our donations to the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to the $10,000 (!!) that the founders donated to Lutheran Community Services NW Emergency Housing Fund. We are reminded of the Wisconsin protest days when the highest point of the moment was the level of creativity that people were called to. We are inspired by the ways that people are called to speak out and stand up.




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