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Little did Lesley Numbers know what she was starting when she asked for tarot cards. First of all, she ended up getting such a great response that she gathered cards from 150 artists for two tarot decks. They are on exhibit at the Central Library and they are super cool. You can also check out #bubblertarot on Instagram for a sneak peek. 



I ended up making two for the exhibit at the Central Library and decided to continue to pursue the theme in my fill-in-art-journals endeavor (I have three quarter-finished books from my art workshop last October which I've been wanting to work on). I also made a couple samples for the April Night Light event. We'll have an assortment of supplies so you can stop in and collage your own tarot card. I found I really enjoyed picking a card, reading about its meaning, and then translating that into collage - kind of helped me work through the meaning in a more visual way (I guess that's what everyone is talking about with artist journals though I've somehow never really managed to follow through with one).



The office is in disarray and new products are starting to arrive and I haven't fully cleaned up from the holidays AND I got some new fixtures so I have to find space for all of that. Which somehow led me to the distraction of clearing out 8 inches of shelf space (everything counts, right?) and going through some old magazines for collage imagery. I found a stack of Victoria magazines - remember those? They were of great inspiration to me for a time, so it is interesting to revisit them and see the things that still call me and what no longer does. As is often the case, only about 10% of the magazine ends up in the collage pile so I am both distracted and cleaning up. But I think I'm making some progress towards winnowing my collage stash, moving the rest of my studio over to my place (from our parents' basement), finding room for all the things that were displaced when I put the new fixtures in. Maybe in a week or two, the fog will start to clear from my brain. This spring has ended up being much busier than usual. Normally the cold weather means time to catch up on things that slid during the holidays but instead I started the big new project of software overhaul. We are slowly learning our way around the new system. We've had our old software for over 10 years (which is ages in the software realm) so there is a lot of learning to do. But we're getting closer. 

And I spent Sunday morning assembling the first furniture piece. Eventually we are adding a second cash register so I have to make space for that. I do want to get some cute repurposed dressers to replace some on the sales floor but I just needed something functional with lots of cubbies. But, of course, that caused an avalanche of moving. I have a chronic complaint about retailers that they don't do enough with merchandising to really maximize their sales. As someone who might not be the best salesperson, I compensate by focusing attention on product placement. Besides windows, one of the easiest sales tools is rearranging, and, really, should be done more often. So I decided to practice what I preach and did a big/little overhaul. Switching the socks and accessories for all the little paper goods seems like a small task, but even I didn't realize how many small paper goods I had crammed on the two round tiered tables. Now they have a little more space. Round tables are my nemesis but I think I managed to get things looking all right. I do like the socks arrayed in a circle - now I just have to watch and make sure the sales stay strong. 



As I said, maybe in a week or two, all the dust will start to settle, though then it will be time to plan for our trip to the National Stationery Show...


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