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Windows_002 Sachi's latest window is getting a lot of attention as people pass by.  It is filled with cute kids' items from many local artists: typewriter text tees and onesies from Maureen in Madison, storybook bracelets and frames from Naomi in Madison, sock monsters from Emily in Madison, embroidered onesies from Sachi, sock monkey kits and cards from Dee in Hayward.  We also have onesies -- with appliqued ties and fun British flashcard images, sweet baby brag books, bibs... and doesn't everyone need a plushy croissant or baguette?

As I peruse the blogs of various crafters it is striking how many are women in their late 20s and 30s.  If the number of onesies, baby bibs & shoes & hats are any indication, many are juggling being a mom with the desire to create fun and wondergul things.  They are creating a world and a work for themselves that gives them some flexibility as well as creativity and I think it is pretty great.  As only an auntie, I have to say a huge hats off to all those crafty moms.  I have no idea how anything gets done in this world!  Some days it is all I can do to chase after the girl on the run (that's right, she's walking now).  Art supplies and babies are a challenging mix.


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Oh my... I MUST stop by and check out that display!!

Being a crafty mom, I have to tell you, a lot of housework sure gets neglected!!


yeah... too bad I don't have the excuse of being a crafty mom to explain away MY neglected housework!

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