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Mom and her writing group are coming in next Friday for a craft table activity.  They are going to make comb-bound notebooks in the 8x11 size.  We haven't quite figured out all the details (whether they will share paper between themselves or just bring in their own paper) but I made up a sample last night. 

Interesting things are happening in the world of books.  It's a simple little thing, but Nancy brought in a book for show n' tell -- how about not making all the pages the same size? Hmm.  Similar work is being done by many, including DJ Pettit -- all sorts of interesting sizes and shapes of pages, not even the same type of paper from one page to the next.  Also, inspired by ex libris anonymous, making journals with old book pages interspersed with journal paper.  Anyway, the sample book that I made for my mom includes pieces of plain white paper for writing or drawing, but also pages from books, scrapbook paper, etc.  Because of my altered book works, I am generating a lot of ripped out book pages so it will be nice to have another purpose for them.  And of course, I just have a huge collection of papers. 

The other motivation is that I've always had trouble with blank journal pages.  They are always intriguing to me, so full of possibility, but ultimately paralyzing because I don't know where to begin.  I am having much more luck lately starting with a page that has some pattern, or a little bit of text to get me started on my journaling. 

SO, those envelope journals that I had to make more of?  I think they are going to morph into this new form of book.  I am calling them scrap books.  Get it?  Scraps of paper, book pages, maps, quotations from my collection, all bound together.  I think it will be fun.. at least one new project for the store in time for the holidays.


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