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Skirt 001

Oh honestly, why do I bother? It's just that I go to the fabric store and see the lovely fabrics like Amy Butler's oversize purple flower on mint green... and I can't resist!  How many pieces of fabric do I have at home from just such shopping outings?  Let's not count them.  I guess it has been long enough since I did any clothes sewing that I've blocked out all the bad memories and I casually took on the task of making a couple wrap skirts for myself for this summer. 

Picking out fabric is always fun, and I've washed one huge load of fabric for about three different skirts.  Ironing is almost done... now all that remains is sewing them together.  This is my first skirt, the prototype such as it is.  Hopefully it isn't the one and only.  Perhaps if I work on a few at a time, the assembly-line approach will make things less painful.  It's tricky too that there's not much floor space in my studio.  Makes it hard to lay the fabric down on the floor and cut out the pattern.

Although the pattern that I have doesn't have much in the way of panels (four total), I had more and smaller pieces of fabric that I wanted to use.  I sewed them together and then cut the pattern from that.  It means there are some pieces that are a little wonky as far as a real dressmaker would be concerned but I think it will do for my purposes.

Skirt 002

I appreciate a skirt with lining but feel like that is kind of a waste of time if you can't see it at all, so I decided to go with a two-layer skirt; the underskirt is slightly longer than the overskirt.  I did manage to use up pieces of fabric from my stash for the underskirt so that's something.  As evidence of my many failed dressmaking attempts, the periwinkle blue fabric with flowers (in the underskirt) is something that I had already made into a dress, except I was combining two patterns unsuccessfully and was having trouble with the fit of the dress.  I just cut the skirt pattern out of the dress (so, once again, there are some funny seams).

Sigh, it always seems to take so much yardage to make clothing.  I can't just make do with my little quarter-yard pieces that I get for quilting and headbands.  At least now I have plenty of things to do with scraps of fabric, but the strangely shaped scraps that are generated from sewing clothes are always a little irritating to me.  Nothing quite so neat as all the strips I get with quilting. 

On a good note, I am quite fond of my skirt!  I petered out last night and instead of making a wrap skirt (which will require sewing a waistband), I think I'm going to get a wide band of elastic and just sew it on - thank goodness the rules for clothing have relaxed so much... but I will hem the skirt, don't worry.

Here's a close-up of the hem as it is right now.  Perhaps you can see that the underskirt is made up of two different fabrics: the failed dress of periwinkle blue, and purple polka dots.  The overskirt has a total of 6 different fabrics.  After I attach the elastic waistband, the hem is clearly in need of a little trimming and evening up.  I like an a-line skirt, but will have one more opportunity to regret this pattern when I'm hemming - two layers of an a-line... that's a lot to hem... sigh.

Skirt 003



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