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Windowtuesday 001Well, here's how it started out - the window that Sachi installed earlier in the month to show off the assortment of vintage inspiration.  After about three weeks, it's time to change it to something else.

Step two is to clear the window, vacuum out the dead bugs, change any lightbulbs.  I'll spare you a picture of that stage.

Step three is to try and narrow my focus just a little bit.  I had a very long list of possible elements for this window - paper packs, notecards, prints, jewelry, wrapping paper...  We are into tourist season now so we are getting a lot of people who are seeing us for the first time, or who were last in about a year ago.  I try to make the window tempting, to give some sample of what the store is like inside, as well as to feature favorites or best-sellers.  It's a lot to ask of this little space.

I spent much of Saturday cutting triangles to make garlands.  Although I was tempted to just sew all the triangles together, that would have meant scheduling a night at the sewing machine.  Instead I simply punched holes and threaded them onto ribbon.  All of these papers are available at Anthology by the sheet. We were trying to find a way to show off the great transparencies that we got from the California show.  They would be nice as overlays on notecards or wrapped around a glass votive holder but we collaborated with our upstairs neighbor to hit upon the garland idea.  She made some for a French-themed shower that she was throwing and I loved the way they looked so much that I wanted to make some here as examples.  The transparencies look especially nice in the window - I like the way they let the light through.  I continue to have trouble taking pictures of our windows.  The angle from the outside means that there's quite a reflection, and of course, from the inside, everything is backlit.  And I did get a little carried away taking pictures of the garlands, but I quite enjoy them.


After much deliberation, the overall theme of the window is... I don't know... coral/aqua summer colors? celebration? new arrivals?  I had various bird and Paris themes in mind but those were going to be a little more on the pastel side - themes that got set aside for the moment when we received the French cards and some new lovely prints.  So it is a bit of a mix and there isn't much white space, but people might as well know right up front what they are in for. 

Windowtuesday 007Windowtuesday 009Windowtuesday 008

I know that it does limit the depth of the window, but I do love using our clothesline just up against the glass to show off various goodies - this time it is prints from Portland and Minneapolis, notecards, various scrapbook supplies including paper and notions.

Windowtuesday 005

And here's the window from the side and inside.  I decided to hang the Nikki prints along the edge because they read really well from a distance.  Because of the reflection and the small size of many of our products, it can be hard for passerby to "read" the window.  I enjoyed unfurling some pieces of our washi paper to hang along the side wall.  And it was fun to incorporate the portable writing desk that was made by our great grandfather.  There's a note inside: 

My mom used it for ages for notecards and such; it was only after she gave it to us to bring to the shop that I noticed the note.  I love its foretelling.


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Katie Nicoll

Ooh, that seems like a lot of fun! Shop windows have to be pretty big to show all those items on display. Still, when the window is big, you have to be kind of organized with the display to avoid a sloppy look. It must take a lot of time to give all those items a united look so the display would look great.

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