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invitation progress

Well, I'm making progress on the invitations.  At times, the fun of the process makes me think, 'hey, we should offer this service at the shop.' At other times, the volume of the process makes me think, 'wait, WHY did I start all this stamping?  and will the last 50 people really know that their invites look different than those of the first 50 people?'

Still, I've been having fun.  I'm slowly making my way through the stitched garlands.  Less than one quarter left.  It is kind of fun to cut all those little triangles, handing paper scraps from the larger garland kits I made for the shop.  And, of course, it was fun to peruse the color swatch book from our Chicago paper company.

Sunday 012

I've gone through several variations and possibilities for envelope decoration but decided to go with paint and foam stamps (as opposed to rubber stamps).  A while ago, I purchased a set of foam stamps with different flowers.  I'm layering those with a variety of colors of paint.  Trying not to get carried away.  Inevitably, I take my projects one step past where I should have stopped, though I'm somewhat bothered by the lack of coordination between the inside and outside.  Still, since there are 50 more envelopes to go, it would probably be fine to call it quits on the first batch.  I already put the address labels on because I wanted to stamp over them a little bit.  The result is that I can't show you the entire envelope without giving away someone's address.  But here is a sampling:

Monday 001 Monday 003 

I really like the layers of different colors and shapes.

And, yeah, I couldn't let it go.  So... one, or two, more layers of paint - an acid green and a coral - and now, I think, I'm done.  At least with the front side of half of the envelopes.

Today I'm going up to the post office and crossing my fingers that they have stamps that half-way coordinate.  Ordering stamps from Zazzle seems like an extravagence, but perhaps a necessary one.  Oh, and if you think all this talk of color is bad now, you should have seen me 25 years ago when EVERYTHING had to match.

And then on to some sort of guest book.  Naturally, I'd love to repeat the stamped flower theme so someone more ambitious would make their own book.  As it is, I think I'm going to get some blank sketch books from Artist & Craftsman supply, or from our shop, if the right storybooks arrive.  And so, since I'll be working in a readymade book, where I can only paint one set of pages, wait for them to dry, and then paint another set, it is highly unlikely that I'll get around to painting as much as I'd like.  Maybe there will be some combo of altered book pages.  I still have a month to work on that so you know I'll get carried away.  I'd really like to collect one picture from each year and put them into the guest book for people to look at as well as add their messages to.  We'll see how organized the photos are in the Komai archives (just a hint: not really).  My friend has already picked out her pictures and I started last night.  It's kind of hard to pick just one picture.  And there's a definite gap in the middle school/high school years.  And one picture per year means only four pictures of me with the adorable girl?  How can I possibly choose?


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