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Keepcalm 001

Well, trying to anyway.  Is it insanely hot where you are right now?  This week has been hot and humid and grumpy and crabby here in Madison.  BUT I've been keeping busy with some new projects and am super excited about these new prints that just came in.  I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier but we've added our own Wisconsin twist on the Keep Calm series.  This series, if you didn't know, is based on the original print "Keep Calm and Carry On," which was apparently printed in England, to be posted all over the place if the Nazis invaded.  I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, because it feels a little passive - I mean, do we really just want to "carry on" when there's such a threat as NAZIS?!  So, I have particularly been enjoying the variations that everyone keeps coming up with.  "Go Crazy and Make Something," might be one of my favorites.  At the shop, we have many different options for specific things to do, other than just Carry On.  And a couple weeks ago, it occurred to us that perhaps we could commission some Wisconsin-specific images.  During the early days of protests, we modified our sandwich board to say "keep calm and protest on," so that came to mind first.  But a few others came to mind as well:

Keepcalm 003

And, of course:

Keepcalm 002


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