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Well, all of you fancy iPhone people will be utterly unimpressed, but since I just have a phone that's just a phone, I am quite thrilled by the discovery of Poladroid, a program to convert your digital pictures into Polaroid look-alikes.  I know, I know.  I actually read an article a while ago which talked about all the kinds of technology that have been developed that allow us to reminisce about those days of lesser technology that the new technology has been developed to replace.  Fonts that look like old-fashioned typewriting, videos with scratchy and grainy overlays, and yes, now fake Polaroids.  There's clearly some aspect of nostalgia this addresses, even though few of our family photos ever were Polaroid.

Polad 040-pola

In a few weeks, I'll be co-celebrating - a friend and I both have August birthdays and we're having a big party, complete with balloons and flowers and dancing.  I'm making a birthday guest/wish book for each of us and going to include an assortment of childhood photos.  I had heard about Poladroid from a friend & artist whose work is at Anthology (she made some Poladroids of Madison scenes) and had been wanting to try it for a long time. 

Now I'm totally addicted.  It is tempting to convert many childhood pictures to Poladroid.  I still have to work out the printing details.  For expediancy and affordability, I'll be going with small 4x6 sizes but they would probably be more accurately-sized if I printed them 5x7.  In any event, we're each trying to collect one photo for each year, and I'm putting them into the altered storybook journals that we have here at the shop, also including some fragments of text and book illustrations, and room to insert cards or for people to write a little message.  It's been a fun project to work on, not to mention the fun of going through all the years of photographs (which really need to be organized one of these days).

Polad 029-pola


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