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 Dbeeshirt 004

Well, I thought I had found enough shortcuts to tempt me back into clothes sewing.  We'll see if that's actually true.  My intentions are often bigger than my actions.

I think this started because of a cute ruffled skirt I saw on Etsy.  Having limited sewing skills and knowing the fabric that exists is always a dangerous thing though, because I see a skirt like that, which is way too small for me, and I think, "oh, but wouldn't it be nice in different fabrics?"  The crafty Deandra, echoed the challenge, as well as putting in a color request.  Now, don't get excited, just telling me the colors you want doesn't usually end up in a skirt.  Truth be told, my clothes sewing skills are very limited.  Happily, Deandra is hip so I'm pretty sure she'll be okay with all the raw edges.  One probably should have serged all the ruffles but since I don't have a serger, that wasn't gonna happen.  Still, I'm happy with the prototype, hopefully happy enough to follow through on making one for myself.

That night I spent a lot of time on Pinterest, hunting for shirt-skirt ideas.  Pinterest works well for me because I am very visual - often I will just look at pictures in magazines without doing much reading, so just sifting through everyone's photos works perfectly for me.  In doing so, I came across this skirt, which I totally love - shirt sleeve belt?!  Clever!  A few more searches for ruffles, and then I was ready to begin.  Though most skirt ruffles were horizontal, I decided to go with vertical tuxedo ruffles - much easier to make vertical lines than horizontal.

Dbeeshirt 003

I had a little debate about how to attach the ruffles underneath the shirt, but hit upon a 2 shirt combo, with ruffles attached to the undershirt.  The thrift shopping is always the fun part.  Happily, I had a little spare time the next evening so I zipped over to Goodwill to the men's XL shirt section. I found a pair of shirts in Deandra's color palatte (red/coral and aqua/seafoam), as well as a two lovely pastel striped shirts that I had to get for myself.

Dbeeshirt 008Dbeeshirt 007Dbeeshirt 006

The next night I cut strips of fabric and sewed on ruffles.  Today I am making cloth buttons and sewing those on.  All that is left is to sew the waistband and beltloops (which are going to be red ric rac).  I think the ruffles could be worn front or back, and with belt/loops, the tied shirtsleeve ends can either be worn on the same side as the ruffles or the other side.  I love that from one view it looks like that classic shirt-tied-around the waist look.

Dbeeshirt 005
And I love that I managed to keep the shirt pocket on the skirt! Dbeeshirt 009


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The Painted Daisy (Jenny)

OK - so I HAVE to come visit this skirt! Do you have it with you at the shop today?


I love it! Super cute!

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