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Yes, we love our state, and our city too...  Going away on vacation is always nice, but coming home is nice too.  Though I didn't mean to start bossing around my sister right away, it must just come naturally to me as a big sister, and she responded by making more photo snippets per my request, so we have a new batch, including some of the recent pictures I took at the Farmer's Market (so, yes, whoever approached me asking if I was taking pictures for snippets, you were right).


Wisco 022

I know I'm probably repeating myself but I am so pleased that we've been able to build up our collection of local imagery.  I missed out with a few artists, one of whom is no longer selling his wares, but some new ones have come to my attention in the meantime.

We are particularly excited that Tara in Milwaukee responded to our request with this great batch of Madison notecards.

Wisco 016

Our Madison neighborhood map has now been joined by a Wisconsin counties map, Madison sweetheart photographs, new t-shirts, and a return of the felt Wisconsin ornament and the Madison lakes paper cut.

Wisco 020Wisco 014Wisco 013Wisco 011Wisco 010Sconnie 003
Sconnie 007Sconnie 004Sconnie 009Sconnie 006

And we're showing the love for the Midwest too... don't worry: new t-shirts, and the popular Great Lakes cut-out is back in stock.

Sconnie 008Sconnie 001Wisco 007Sconnie 002

And you don't think we've forgotten about our Governor, do you?  I think what's happening in Wisconsin is playing out on the larger stage with the Occupy Wall Street movement; it's ultimately about concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few, at cost to liberty and justice for all... but that's just my opinion.  I must say that police-protester interactions around the country have really made me thankful for the Madison Police Department.  Seeing protests from around the country and around the world bring home even more so how lucky I am to live in this place - to be able to express myself without fear of gunshots, arrests, or someone running the country for 40-some years.   I still haven't seen anything that convinces me that Scott Walker will be good for our state for a full term.  We are personally happy that our chance to collect recall signatures is fast approaching, and naturally Sachi had some new buttons to make.  We also have our prints, including the great new "Don't Let Yer Badgers Grow Up to be Weasels" made here in Madison and a new Solidarity t-shirt.  And, yes, bumper stickers.

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