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The Recall Walker catalog, of sorts

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In the past two days, I've received two out of town inquiries about "Recall Walker" prints.  I love to see the support for the Wisconsin fight rolling in from around the country, but there's little that gives me a greater thrill than sending items out to elsewhere in the state.  I think it is easy to fall into the trap that one is alone - too small to make a difference.  "Oh, you're just a privledged liberal hippie in Madison," they say, "no one else feels this way," "you're exaggerating..."  But each little package that goes out to the state reminds me that, no, I'm not alone.

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In any event, I am determined to persist.  I think that Governor Walker is bad for the state of Wisconsin.  I seriously doubt that he is motivated by anything except greed for power and money and I frankly don't think he cares about the well being of most of this state's residents, an approach which I find highly objectionable in the office of the Governor of the state.  I have seen nothing to indicate that he is interested in job creation except as it rewards the people who donated a lot of money to his campaign.  So, yes, we'll be collecting recall petition signatures at the shop.  And, yes, we will continue to sell our buttons, which have now been joined by other items.

Recall 008

Here, in brief, is a catalog of the items we have in the store.  We are happy to ship them out (prices quoted do not include shipping/handling), just contact us via email at


1. "Keep Calm &...."  My original creation - well, I came up with the words and the design and sent them out to be offset print.  11 x 17, black text on white cardstock. $5

Recall 001

2.  "Keep Calm and Recall Walker" A commissioned print available in a variety of colors.  8 x 10.  $16.


3. "Don't let yer Badgers grow up to be Weasels" Screenprint in various colors. 12 x 18.  $10 - $12.

Recall 002


4.  Buttons, buttons, more buttons.  We've added some more specific recall text to the collection, as well as some new vintage ladies, though OMG GOP WTF remains one of the most popular.  $1 - $4.50.  Also, protest button bracelets - a collection of 6 of our mini 1" buttons in bracelet form.  $14.

Recall 004Recall 003SatGop

5. Protest sign ornaments.  Personally, I like to find an ornament each year that commemorates the year.  I just have to decide on the message.  $12.

Tree 003

6. Screenprints from Milwaukee artists.  Not exactly recall, but the "Union Made" print is a great piece of art, and we love "WI Rise Up."  $16.

Wisco 021


7. Postcards.  85 cents each.  Some of our own original photographs as well as work by other artists.

Shopthursday 004Recall 005 Recall 006

Starting November 15th, recall signatures can be collected.  Sachi and I went to a training session and we will have forms at the shop if you want to add your name to the petition.  The Demcoratic Party of Wisconsin is working with a lot of different grassroots organizations, but centralized information might best be found here.  Wisconsin residents who are eligible voters are eligible to sign the form, and if you want, forms are available online to download, print, sign, and mail in.  The forms must be supervised (and not just left out on the counter) so you'll have to ask one of us if you would like to sign the form.  And don't worry, if you don't want to recall the Governor (or are otherwise tired of being asked to sign the petition) and are somehow still reading this blog post, we won't pressure you to sign.  We just felt it important to continue work in the direction we want Wisconsin to go forward.


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