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Can I just say how blown away I am by the creativity of our customers?  I love to see what people think of! 

I got a message a few days ago from someone interested in button-making.  She was asking on behalf of her Waunakee daughter who wanted to make buttons for her team, and planning to come in Friday afternoon.  Now, I get the button question a lot, there are some specs as far as size/paper that are important to know in advance, plus I appreciate the heads' up on incoming buttonmakers. 

But I had NO idea what they were planning!  The girls came in on Friday with little ziploc baggies, one for each team member, with tiny little words and letters cut out from magazines.  Now, I don't know if you've ever tried to cut things out of magazines - the final look is cool, but it always seems like when you are looking for a particular word or letter, you can never find it.  I was told they spent 7 hours gathering these tiny little pieces and I'm not at all surprised.  Of course, if it were me, it would have taken a week because I would have gotten distracted with other collage thoughts.

Anyway, they spent Friday afternoon at the shop, gluing their little pieces down on our background papers, and then making them up into buttons.  I love that each person gets their own customized button!  I don't know how it was when you were in high school, but we had our little group of friends and each person had a nickname.... and how fun would that have been if we each had our own button?!  I'm jealous.


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