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Well, to be totally honest, I am mostly preoccupied with inventory and year-end business.  I need to spend some time with QuickBooks before the accountant comes.  NOT the most fun aspect of the job.  And then there's the matter of counting everything in the store which usually ends up going faster than I imagine and is perhaps more painful in anticipation than it is in reality.  Sachi and I have been going through the drawers and counting, sorting, reorganizing, restocking.  Today, (January 10th) we will close at 4 pm to begin counting the sales floor and we will reopen on Thursday (January 12th).  Yes, a day is missing in there - we'll be counting all day tomorrow so if you try to stop at the shop, I apologize, but you'll be locked out.  At least for these 9 hours, the accountant/taxman/insurance agent win out over the customer.

Other than inventory, this is a relatively quiet time of year.  There's a lull in new arrivals; we are waiting to see what we find on our San Francisco buying trip.  

In the meantime, as any good procrastinator will do, I've started an assortment of projects instead of concentrating solely on inventory.  First on the list is Blurb, which I believe I posted about earlier.  I have a few different notebooks that I am working on, as well as a commissioned recipe book.  Lucky for my sister, I can't run Blurb at the same time as the cash register so I can only work on that off hours.  Unfortunately for her, I can still look at Pinterest.

constellation handmade book

Which brings me to the other project I am working on. The art book guild that I belong to hosts a holiday party each year, at which we swap 2" x 2" books and I had an IOU left from our 2011 party.  Par for the course, I had something completely different in mind.  But a thought has been rumbling around in my head, thanks to Quince and Quire, via Pinterest, so I ended up going with that.

Constellations 004

It's a 2" x 2" book of constellations, only about as precise as one can get from an internet search, a silver sharpie marker, and a mini hole punch.  Which is to say, not that precise.  Still, I love the idea.  Each page has a constellation from the zodiac, as well as traits of that astrological sign.

Constellations 001

I've been playing around with handwriting recently.... Again, thanks to Pinterest, which had the idea of fake calligraphy - the pin for which I cannot find at the moment.  But the basic idea was to write the word with a single line and then go back and fill in the downstrokes to simulate the calligraphic line.  And also thanks to the amazing journal skills of Teesha Moore, whose use of text has always been inspiring to me.

Constellations 003

I painted corrugated cardboard for the covers, drawing on techniques learned at Valley Ridge Art Studio workshops (registration for the 2012 season is opening this weekend!): Katie Kendrick and Michelle Ward.  And I got to use my constellation rubber stamps and black & white striped washi tape so that was fun.  Oh, and the paper for the pages was just lying around here at the shop; it must have been scraps from some project - isn't it rewarding when you actually get to use the things you don't throwaway because you might be able to use them someday?

Constellations 005Constellations 006Constellations 007

I'm well on my way to completing an edition of four.. and will perhaps expand that, depending on what else comes along to distract me.  I finished working on my 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle and am relatively well stocked as far as items at the shop so I have a little lull in terms of what I will work on in my living room, where there is no inventorying to be done, nor Blurb work.  There is, of course, cleaning to be done, but that will have to wait until there's something else that I'm procrastinating over.  Like taxes.

Constellations 008


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