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Anthology @ the library

  Library 003        

 Phew... that is a BIG space over there at Central! I've been concentrating mostly on my batik paper and mostly IN the Bubbler. But we walked around last night and explored all the white space that is ours for the taking. I gotta get to work!

Library 016
At least Sachi has been busy with her little scissors... all sorts of delicate cutting-out of illustrations from children's books and field guids can be found! I'm particularly fond of the trail of beetles leading to the children's area.

Library 011

But all the different children's book illustrations peeking out from the cut-out wood partitions are quite charming also.

Library 007Library 001Library 006Library 002


and, of course, we're working on our share of garlands. I'm still batiking, punching out and sewing rainbows of batik... but I see plenty of places that I can hang those just as soon as I find a ladder. I would love to fill one of the study rooms....

Shop15 040 Library 015Library 008Library 013

 People seem to be enjoying the photo snippet station but many are just trying the punch and not creating a short story/collage to take home. As I was sifting through the punched photos it occurred to me that  I should not let those squares go to waste so I've started a photo snippet collage on the wall near the Bubbler. Gonna take a while to fill that wall...

Library 012

I did finally finish my hand-lettering project and made copies for the library and also for the shop. I'm quite pleased with my sign, and am already thinking about phase II which will be a second row of words underneath (as people take the first ones). Right now I'm thinking that all of text will be songs starting with "Take."

Library 009

Sachi is now cutting out variuos plant and floral illustrations to install a garden wall. I've got an idea for a circus lettered poster, but now I'm distracted with the next row of "take what you need"s.

Tomorrow afternoon is my batik paper workshop at The Bubbler from 2-4. I'll be demonstrating the process and everyone will get to batik a piece of paper for themselves. Looking forward to seeing what everyone makes!

And if you haven't been to the library yet, what are you waiting for?!

in other news

Maybe. or maybe not. I started to worry today, as I took my second trip over to the library (where I forgot my ruler), that I was talking too much about The Bubbler and not enough about other goings-on at the shop. We are a little preoccupied, it is true. I generally think of this time of year as quiet but I might be fooling myself., what ARE we up to? It is... um... mid-March. I am way behind on all my paperwork, though we did go talk to the tax preparer this week so that part is at least taken care of. He scolded us (lightly) for having such big refunds, but I have to confess that I'm still slightly terrified of repeating our first year in business when I was crying on the phone to the IRS. Ah, the joys of small business owernship.

I spent last night at home watching TV and sorting through photographs to bring more to our photo snippet station at the Bubbler. As I sat there, I realized it felt like a really long time since I had done that. My routine is somewhat disrupted. Thankfully, Dad comes home from the nursing home this weekend so we can bring him dinner without the extra mileage. I have one last pile in my living room to deal with - I was very close last night to just putting it back in a box. I'm getting bored with this project. But it will be so nice when it is done - stick it out, Laura. I did move a few things home from the library because I was just getting overwhelmed with the ought-tos and no-way-you'll-get-tos so I'm feeling better. I really think I'm going to focus on batiking paper - I'm having so much fun. I started working with the paper to make some collages - that's eventually where I'm headed but I need to batik enough paper so I have enough to work with. But my prototype is working pretty well. I just love the colors!


But I do want to do some hand-lettering. I have a continuation of my "take what you need" sign in mind, plus a circus lettered poster.  Someone interviewed me for an article about The Bubbler and asked what I hoped to learn during our residency. I honestly didn't know - and I think that is partly the feature of the library: you go there with one thing in mind and get distracted by all the inspiration that is there and the books you didn't know about and walk out with an armload of books. But, so far, one of the things I have learned is that the library is not the quiet contemplative space of stereotype. Those librarians are constantly answering questions! Mostly things like "where's the bathroom" and "what floor am I on?" I suppose all of us deal with things in our work life that weren't at all what the degree we earned prepared us for. Anyway, I have this thought rolling around in my head about a hand-lettered sign, like a circus sign, but for the library. I have to work on it some more.

Library 005

And as I was cleaning up the space yesterday, I came across zillions of punched photos  that people apparently didn't want for collaging. I couldn't just throw those away! So I started a photo snippet installation which is going to be on one big wall - I've never done one that big. We'll see how straight I manage to keep all the lines.

oh, shoot, I'm back to talking about the library again. I feel like I've been a little absent at the shop, what with my weekend away and all. We've received a few shipments and I am finding some empty spaces, somewhat carried over from the holidays.... but it is still not really the time of year when sales are so strong that you need to go on an all out buying spree. And, of course, in the paper goods realm, we are on hold a little bit seeing as we'll be going to New York in May.

We did receive some lovely bamboo cutting boards this week (in the shape of Wisconsin, of course), and some Wisconsin ceramics by a local artist. And I'm doing a little bit of rearranging and restocking - it's all rather low pressure since I don't have lots of shipment to try and cram in.

Besides the library, I've been picking out my tickets for the Wisconsin Film Festival, bringing food to Dad, taking a PhotoShop class at MATC. Sachi is preparing to work the polls in April, walking her daughter to the bus stop, cutting out zillions of book illustrations, making new buttons.

Burke Buttons 004

I unpacked from one travel journal workshop, but not completely, as we'll have another at The Bubbler in April, and gathered supplies for an altered Golden Book workshop with kids from the Goodman Community Center at The Bubbler on Monday. And tomorrow (Saturday), I'll be teaching batik paper from 2 - 4 at The Bubbler. I'll demonstrate the process and everyone will get to make one piece of paper to take home with them. I'm trying to figure out the logistics of the space - without knowing how many people will want to actually make paper vs. just check out the process, and given the mix of hot wax and dye that stains skin and clothes. I think if I have those hazards in the corner, I can guard them and all will go smoothly. Because the parents who hate their children to get messy will keep their children far away, right?

Shop15 022

Wish me luck!

altered travel journals @ the library

Shop15 036

Last night was my first workshop at a branch library - though Anthology has been represented at the branches quite well via Sachi's various outings (and it is probably not the last given how eager the librarians were to talk to me about future options, and how long the waiting list was). I was a little nervous as it has been a little while since I've taught a workshop but everything went smoothly - the most work was the packing and hauling of supplies, which always emphasizes to me why we opened the shop in the first place (particularly since it is impossible to fit the shop into any sort of vehicle... though that would be a cute craft/bookmobile).

Shop15 048

This workshop was focused on altered travel journals. People were invited to bring ephemera from their travels and I brought an assortment of books to work in. I personally like a spiral bound book - I get address books or weekly planners on clearance, but of course an altered book could be any format. I will be hosting a similar workshop on Saturday April 12 at Central Library (that one, however, requires that you bring your own book as well as ephemera). I brought atlases to cut up, other scraps of map and travel papers, rubber stamps, postage stamps, punches, washi tape (also glue sticks, rulers, scissors, as usual).

 Shop15 047Shop15 049

I have to admit it was a bit of a relief to send some of the scraps we've amassed onto to new homes. I've still been working in my studio to organize the paper and came up with a box of travel ephemera that I no longer needed, not to mention all the scraps of map paper that we generate with our buttonmaking. We spent an enjoyable two hours discussing travels past and future. I do always love to see what people make with the supplies we have!

    Shop15 051

settling in

On to week 2 of our Bubbler residency and I think we're getting a better feeling for how the rest of the time will go. I did have to adjust my thinking a bit - being at the store, I am accustomed to a day of interacting with the public... and in hindsight it was foolish to think the situation would be otherwise just because I am being "artist" not "shopgirl" at the Bubbler. I think I'm just used to going to the library and NOT talking - but the exact opposite is now required. I'm basically repeating the exact same steps that I took when we first opened the shop: ambitiously bringing a bunch of projects in, adjusting expectations about what can be done given that I'll have to stop and talk to someone somewhere in the next 10 minutes to 2 hours (I know you should be able to do art anywhere, but certain things require a focus and concentration that I apparently can only achieve in the shop with lights off and doors locked or in my living room at the coffee table. In theory we have after-hours access to the Bubbler space, but I don't know what door I am supposed to use and I had a little fear of being lost in the backspaces of the library); all these steps culminating in taking half of the projects home... But I've always been a bad packer, bringing much more than I need or have time for.  I did have a stress dream last night about teaching two workshops in different locations at the same time - running back and forth between them, supervising the supplies (surprisingly, no glue sticks appeared capless in the dream). But here's the other deal: I felt like our residency in the Bubbler was supposed to provide people a peek into our studios, so I brought lots of things down to sort of mock-up what my workspace would look like. Except that no one except me gets to touch my workspace in my livingroom, which is not necessarily the same case in the public space of the library, despite my efforts. So, I'm just coming to the realization that I'll have to tone down my workspace there, let it be representative but simplified, and not with anything that will cause a stress dream for me to leave unattendend (just for example, I have some batik paper that I'm planning to use and I came back from the weekend to find my favorite sheet - thankfully uncut, but on the table of scrap paper for book marks. Right, I know, I should have kept it with me. And another piece of batik paper had been punched and cut down to scraps, unfortunately not into the circles that I need for the garlands.

Shop15 038

I AM really enjoying the batik paper project so I think that will be much of my focus in the time we have. I am batiking some map paper and have some vague idea of an abstract aerial view piece of paper collage. But that I really need to work on that uninterrupted. Well, first I have to make enough batik paper to cut up. Another thing I didn't really think about: it is really hard to describe to someone what you are making when you yourself don't quite know what the finished product is going to be. BUT the sewn batik paper circle garlands are so lovely! I'm quite happy with those. I just need to make more and then I'm going to find a ladder and hang them up in the lower entryway. I would fill a whole room with them if I could... and so I really could just spend the rest of my time making batik paper.

 Shop15 040

The aftermath of last weekend was a marginal improvement over the first, mostly because I didn't go there hungry (crabby) and unsurprised, and it was closer to half of the glue sticks that were without caps as opposed to 90% like the first weekend. My theory about mess begetting mess may just be proved by the way that what I consider nicely arranged and sorted scrap papers reads as mess to other people. And, of course, it is wonderful to see so many people gluing and cutting and making. I stopped in briefly on Saturday and overheard one mom say: "I could spend all day in here!"  THAT is worth all the little pieces I had to pick up off the floor.

Shop15 026

This coming week I have several events to prepare for: my travel journal workshop tomorrow night, batik paper workshop on Saturday, and two altered Golden book workshops with two different groups from the Goodman Community Center as part of The Bubbler's Make-It-Monday programming for kids. I'm trying to focus on the thing that is closest at hand and not get overwhelmed with the sum of it all. Oh, and we're getting some new computers so every once in a while the computer guy calls me with a computer question that requires me to dig around in the depths of my brain/filing cabinet. Plus, I was housesitting this weekend and Dad is still in the nursing home but hopefully coming home this week so pieces of my life are in a lot of different places. Adds to the discombobulation. I got packed for tomorrow's travel journal workshop but had plans for a little workshop outline or something. We'll see how tonight goes.

Shop15 036

As far as the shop is concerned, we celebrated our 6th birthday rather modestly, but with donuts. It's still fun to revisit pictures from the early days and pat ourselves on the back with how far we've come.

Shop15 035

Our year has been off to a strong start, despite the cold weather, which is always good, though it feels like there hasn't been a lengthy lull that one might transform into a rest. I am way behind on paperwork and other such matters but at least I took care of our taxes. The pace of shipments has started to pick up and we are also focused on late spring and early summer. The newest arrivals have mostly been in the realm of Wisco souvenirs: cut-out necklaces, wood cutting boards and coasters,

Shop15 031 Shop15 033

 and the fun Madison map. Because who doesn't need to know where the thong-&-cape-man runway is?

Shop15 034

Oh, and Sachi made a new batch of campaign pins. We had a discussion about whether it was too early (because we are definitely not ready to start seeing commericals on TV), but then she found some great vintage ladies and she was off and running: "Better Living through Burke" "He repealed equal pay? How gauche." "Voter supression is so vulgar" and many more.

Shop15 037

I'm still savoring the aftermath of a creative weekend with Sabrina Ward Harrison and a bunch of super creative and wonderful women. We had a lovely time in the Commonwealth Gallery - painting and sharing and complimenting each other. I have this strong desire to just be alone in a quiet space - but it was so wonderful to spend time with fellow creative people this weekend, to really let myself sink into making art, but also to be present with other people.  I feel like I'm still trying to figure out that balance of quiet and connection. I loved that the last item on the supply list was "permission." But I've been trying to think - what exactly is it that I need to give myself permission for? I really do quite a lot of playing and creating - even though I have been obsessing a lot about how I will transform that creating into production for the store, the reality is that I haven't let those thoughts stop me from just frivolously making, and I freely give myself permission to do that instead of, oh, cleaning the kitchen floor or dusting the shelves.

Shop15 042

In class we each worked with a board book as our base, painting and collaging on top of that. The finished assortment was so colorful. And I always love seeing how people who are basically using the same materials and colors, come up with such wildly divergent finished projects that reflect their individual styles.  Lucky for me, my book was very short - just four two-page spreads, and even then, none of them is quite done. This one is probably the closest to done. I'm not sure that every collage I do needs to feature the girl, but it does add a lot to have a person in there.

Shop15 041

Finally, a little burst of domesticity and an attempt at a creative frosting - which would have been better, I'm sure if I had used the proper stuff, not just what came from a can. But, still, not too bad for St. Patrick's Day for someone who has never marbled frosting before.. and who also, as far as I know, isn't at all Irish.

Shop15 046


Bubbler week 1. including a rant about glue sticks.

It's only.... Tuesday? (I was going to say Monday) and I'm exhausted. Hmm. I need to work on pacing myself a bit. We finished most of our set-up in the Bubbler last week Friday, only to meet with Trent the Librarian and have him tell us how many more options were in front of us. I can only laugh at myself because I have spent most of Anthology's life wishing that we had just a wee bit more space.... and now I get my wish granted - in spades.... not a "wee bit" more, but, oh, just the whole downtown public library for a canvas. Reminds me of Brian Andreas:

"Wish for your deepest desires, she said & when I asked if they'd come true, she said they always do, so you might as well get them out in the open while you're still young enough to correct any serious mistakes."

 Shop15 026

We were feeling quite overwhelmed by all the space and the need to fill it in. I will focus this week on the glass by the door that people apparently sometimes run into and make a garland for those. But I really want to make some things with batiked map paper which means I first have to batik the paper.

It feels kind of shocking to go from the very full space of the last artist to our space which is just starting out, but I did have one library staff member stop in on her break and reassure me that everyone started out the same way. In all, I have to say that the library staff have been so helpful and encouraging - many stopped in to say that they were looking forward to seeing what we do... no pressure or anything!

Because of our ordinary shopgirl weekend lives, I did not return to the Bubbler until Sunday. So, Sunday evening I was tired after the 6 day work week, just stopping in briefly to drop some things off and then planning to get Ian's mac n' cheese pizza for my niece and meet everyone at the nursing home to eat dinner with Dad while he's there recuperating from hip surgery. Oh, and on Sundays I eat lunch at 11 before opening the store so by 4 pm I am in a slightly crabby/hungry mood. Perhaps not the best time or frame of mind to walk into a space that has been open to the public and filled with scissors, heaps of books and scraps of paper. I cannot say that I was surprised... but, sheesh! it was rather a mess. I don't know what it is exactly - this happens at our craft table as well even with me standing right there and periodically straightening (I have this theory that mess begets mess and that if people come to a straightened table, they are more likely to leave it that way... but that theory has yet to be borne out by reality. And I'm not saying that people should be neat freaks, but, really...). And I'm not saying that I don't make a mess when I create, and, of course, part of my job has always been to corral the mess, and if there was no mess, I would then be obsessing that no one worked on the projects or liked what we had to offer. Well, people definitely worked in the space. I really don't mind that the papers are spread all over the place and that there are little scraps dropped on the floor or pieces that should have been put into the recycle bin are left on the table or that someone used glue instead of double-sided tape on the photo snippets. Here's my main pet peeve (at the shop as well): why can't you put the cap back on the glue stick? (or on the ink pad or on the gesso)? Things like that dry out if you don't put the cap on them! Don't you put the cap on your own glue sticks at home? why don't you do that in someone else's studio? I was seriously close on Sunday evening to typing up instructions on how to use glue sticks.  You can't just ask someone to put the cap back on the glue stick because then someone will put the cap on without twisting the glue stick back down - trust me, I've had to use the pliers on many sticks that were glued shut because of such actions.  So, we had about 8 glue sticks on four different tables and only one of them had the cap on. I couldn't even find the caps initially. One glue stick was pretty well used up, one was near its end but had dried up and the rest.... 2 caps on the floor and the rest hidden under scraps of paper. I managed to cap the glue sticks but that was about all that I had time or patience for, and I walked away feeling a little guilty for doing so. To compensate, I'm going out to buy more glue sticks (though I sometimes feel that it is better to have supplies slightly rationed - that people are more conservative in their use when they think there is less to use. So perhaps I won't add to the number of caps I have to look for next weekend).

Shop15 022

And while I should have spent some time straightening on Monday, instead I used my day off to play in the Bubbler. Mom came down for a few hours in the morning and a friend came for a few hours in the afternoon. Except for grabbing a quick lunch, I was in the space from 9 am to 4 pm. I'm still tired! It would have helped if I had sat down more but I was on my feet for most of the time. I probably had about a dozen people stop in and I have to say, this is a challenge! I'm so used to working on my projects in the quiet of my own space. Obviously, I work on things for the shop in public, but those are things that have reached a more mechanical phase of production. I'm still in that phase of trying to figure out exactly where I'm going with this project - and just like at the shop, it is a challenge to be in that phase and have to pause to explain what you are thinking about. I'm working on batik paper and enjoying the process though. I have decided to create another journal like my France/Italy travel journal - perhaps kind of like my painted pages book, but to contain all those little scraps of magazine images and photographs that I like.... I call these my happy books, and I used to just paste things into spiral bound books, but I'm thinking this will be a good component of these sewn and painted pages. ANYWAY, I'm going to use some batik pages for the books so I needed to create pages with some white space. I'm quite happy with how they are going and I can see the promise fulfilled, but I'm not sure anyone else can. I guess I should just relax and enjoy the process but it's really hard not to start every conversation with: "it's not done yet!" These pages are going to be folded in half and then bound into a book.

Shop15 024Shop15 025Shop15 028Shop15 027Shop15 029

Vaguely heading towards this:


I was also initially thinking about another piano hinge book with batik map paper but since we have the big space of the library to fill, I'm starting to think about some sort of wall piece. Either sewn or melted wax collage on the wood panels that we have access to. For that I will need a lot more batiked map paper so I can just focus on making the paper right now and worry about the rest of it later.

We have finalized our schedule for the Bubbler and that should be appearing on their online calendar, but here it is:

Meet Your Maker, 2 – 4 pm, Saturdays.

March 22:  batik paper with Laura. Learn the process of using melted wax as a resist on paper, then dyeing and ironing for unique pages.
March 29: Gocco printer with Sachi: Demonstration of printing with a Gocco printer. See how Anthology has been turning some of Sachi's original designs into notecards.
April 12: travel journals with Laura: Explore a variety of ways to record your journeys, using pockets, punches & stamps on paper. Bring a notebook/journal and your own travel ephemera to work on.
April 26th: altered books with Laura. Use existing books but alter them for your own journaling/artwork.

 - - - - - - - -

April 5th: 3 - 5 pm. Conversation and project with Library as Incubator Project & Jessica Pigza (and her new book called BiblioCraft, which is all about using libraries as a source of research and inspiration for craft projects).

- - - - - - - - -

Self-Serve/Drop-in Projects in March

1. make a bookmark

2. paper chains, garlands

3. photo snippets

4. found poetry

5. 60 books project journal entries


Artist at Work

Sachi in the studio: Tuesdays 1-4pm

Laura in the studio: Thursdays 1-4 pm

….some Wednesdays, and other times by chance


And I will leave you with this piece that I found from the weekend's making: a little snippeting/collage with found text. I quite like this piece and look forward to more such things appearing!

 Shop15 023      


in case you were wondering

Shop15 018

I haven't totally neglected my day job, even though there are new necklaces to put on display (aren't they lovely?), also new notecards. I redid the window earlier this week, looking ahead to thoughts of spring. A quick glance this morning reveals 40-some emails that I need to tend to, a cutting board order to follow-up on, payroll/taxes/checkbook stuff, packaging supplies to order....

Shop15 011

We spent most of yesterday moving in to The Bubbler. That involved two car-loads worth of stuff from the shop and my house. And I still have another carload to go. I'm quite sure that I'm being overly ambitious about what I will accomplish while in that space, but I'm not going to back down from my plans. To some extent this is a continuation of the paper sorting that I'm doing at my home. I have several boxes of photographs which I am going to sort through, make into photo snippet collages, but also have available for people to work with. Ditto for a couple boxes of magazine and catalog pages that I'm going to work on putting into my happy books and collages. Though I've been hoarding pictures over the years,  and accepting donations of other people's photos, I find that my main focus is narrowing down to blue skies - otherwise I mostly plan to use my own photographs in collage and journal pages. So, while there's no doubt there are useful pieces in amongst the photos, time for them to move along.

Shop15 013

After dumping everything into The Bubbler in the morning, we went out for lunch, and then returned in the afternoon to do more set-up. Although someone stopped in and said we had big shoes to fill considering we were following Victor, several other people stopped in to express their excitement for our residency so on the whole our egos were satisfied. I'm looking forward to just sitting down at the various stations and working some more. Sachi is working on a garland from repurposed greeting cards and made two bookmarks; I made a few photo snippet short stories and started a garland. We have a couple different drop-in stations set-up so people can stop in anytime and work on a papercraft, even if we aren't there. Right now those are: the 60 books project, paper garlands, paper chains, found poetry, bookmarks and photo snippets.

Shop15 014Shop15 017Shop15 015

All of these activities are drop-in/self-serve. As is the general case with The Bubbler, it is a community space and meant to be used by anyone at anytime. There are supplies and some basic instructions but you can just help yourself. We'll be there for our own studio time on Tuesdays and Thursdays so people can observe 'the artist at work' and will have four scheduled Bubbler events: March 22, March 29, April 12 and April 26. Also a related Bubbler event with the Library as Incubator Project and author Jessica Pigza who has a new book called BiblioCraft coming out. That event will be April 5th.

Shop15 012

There are lots of thought swirling around in my head, but today I really need to get work done for the shop. Tonight is my PhotoShop class - as if I needed more projects. And then I have the workshop that I'm taking and the workshop that I'm teaching. But in the meantime, I do need to set up batik paper at The Bubbler so I can get going on that project. Eek! So much fun stuff to do!

     Shop15 016   


Bubbler: count down

March - whew! This is going to be a big month for me! I feel a little bit like I'm vibrating at a higher frequency, kind of how I feel on those rare occasions that I have caffeine, except this time I have nothing to blame it on except creative overwhelm/inspiration. My PhotoShop class starts this week and I have lots of thoughts swirling around in my head about that - things to ultimately make into cards for the shop, mostly. I think. I am two piles of magazine pages away from finishing the big clean of my apartment and am actually going to invite people over. Spending so much time cleaning and rearranging, in this cold of winter (the time of year that normal people haul out seed catalogs) has made me think about paint chips. But I'm going to resist adding that task to my list and just enjoy this moment of being able to walk in my studio. I'm taking a two-day working with Sabrina Ward Harrison, an artist I have long admired, and just got the supply list yesterday so I'm busy creating sub piles out of my Bubbler piles - materials to bring to the two day workshop, as always, way more than can be worked on in two days.  Three days after that workshop, I'll be teaching the travel journal workshop at Alicia Ashman library - that's another three boxes in the office and one box at home. I just need to calm down and focus on the task that's nearest at hand:

We move into the Bubbler on Wednesday! My hallway at home is filled with boxes to bring in, ditto for the office. I have a zillion ideas rolling around in my head but really, I just need to get into the space and settle on something. I'm wasting energy with the what-ifs. Meanwhile, I have been doing a lot of prep work (with great help from the charming Olivia).

Besides the tissue paper tassels and the snippets of blue sky, we are making paper chains for decoration, and also gathering supplies for people to work on their own garland variations. I am very mindful of little fingers and liability so I'm trying to get a bunch of map paper cut for people to make into paper chains.

Shop15 006

I'm envisioning little stations all around the room, where people can come in and make things. But I have to get that all set up. And meanwhile, I'm just spending a lot of time moving furniture in my head - even the only effective thing is to actually move in to the space and see how it will work. I did write up a few explantory signs so we'll at least have a start.

Shop15 010

I do think we are going to put the tissue paper tassels up along the glass window that looks out over the children's area. And there's a magnetic white board that I will use for our found poetry section, which will mostly be text but which I am going to kick off with my palmistry hand collage which used text found from our dad's old chemistry textbook. I love the way non-fiction words turned into something else.

Shop15 008

And then in all my cleaning at home, I found several journals. Most of them are small notebooks I couldn't resist buying. Some of them have notes from being carried around with me; many are blank, or have just a few pages written in before I lost interest. But I did find my 2010 intentions collage journal which has pages filled with collage. Sachi and I are talking about having one of our magazine collage installations going on but I'm already running low on space and I thought these would at least give us a start. I photocopied them, but also made an extra set of copies for myself because I'm starting to think about another set of happy books (which I use just to put words/quotations/images that I like - sometimes as simple as something from a catalog that I won't buy but would like to have some record of). Anyway, I think these intention collages will also make interesting pages in the happy books.

 Shop15 007

I am still working on the snippets of blue skies. I have a feeling that what I created as "seed" will need to be added to. I can sense a busy Wednesday ahead. And, finally, we do get to cordon off a little space to be our work space. The previous artist had yellow caution tape but since we're going heavy on the garland theme, I thought it would be fun to have some garlands. And the Bubbler graphic lends itself so easily to that.  So, I made an assortment of copies which will then be punched into circles and I will sew them into a garland with my sewing machine.

  Shop15 009

We do hope you'll be able to find time to come to the Bubbler during March or April. Though if you can't make it then, we'd definitely recommend a visit at any other time during the year. There is so much going on there! Yay for the library!