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not nice, April

brrr... It's cold. Hmph. I put away my down coat briefly, regretted it while waiting at the bus stop, and am now back to it. Lucky for me, the Wisconsin Film Festival starts today so I will be spending more time indoors anyway. That feeling of having much to do didn't abate at all earlier in the year as I expect it to during cold weather (between tax prep and end-of-year inventory, expectations never match reality - you'd think I'd learn) and we are almost 10% up from last year's sales so business and busy-ness is good. And now it is time to get ready for graduation and Mother's Day and summer tourists, and then it will be Christmas. Yeah, I was on the verge of panic a few days ago - I finally just had to sit myself down with the calendar yet also tell myself to just focus on one day at a time.

Today: time at The Bubbler, PhotoShop class, Film Festival. That's enough to think about.

Shop16 022

Meanwhile, can't help thinking ahead for the month - just five more weekends left at The Bubbler, with projects on three of them. The office is full of supplies to bring to the various projects: altered travel journals, altered books... We've been adding more paper installations around the library and getting good feedback from the librarians. Everyone loves Sachi's detailed cut-outs!

Shop16 015

I was amused Sunday to check on my "take what you need" signs and find that "the high road" and "the long way home" were the two that people did not take.

Shop16 014

I finally got to hang my batik circle garlands and am quite pleased with the colors. I'm also working on a series of installations answering questions that librarians frequently have to answer.

Shop16 011Shop16 005Shop16 004

We'll see how far I get. It is satisfying to make some progress on projects - feels like much of the time has been spent sifting through scraps generated by other peoples' making. I remind myself that this fits exactly with our mission of getting people to be more crafty - now if I can just make sure it doesn't detract from my crafty time....  Ah, the lament of the artist/shopgirl. This afternoon I'm hoping to spend time making batik paper for our May postcard exhibit. I have heard from a few other artists so I'm worrying less about whether or not I'll have to fill the whole window myself.


There was also a little flurry of activity around election day as the Bubbler is the polling place so we had to push our stations aside to make room for voting machines. And also make signs to cover up the Mary Burke label on the room. I still don't quite know what the rules are - how long in advance of an election must there be no mention of a candidate near the polling place? Well, better safe the sorry, so I covered it up. I am adding to it, however, now that election day is past, as that is part of the series on questions frequently asked of librarians.

In addition to watching 7 movies in 5 days, this weekend I'll be over at The Bubbler on Saturday afternoon from 3-5 with the Library as Incubator project and author Jessica Pigza who will be discussing her new book: BiblioCraft. We'll be doing a little project from the book (and I do mean little, as there seems to have been some miscommunication between the book pages and my printer and the template are smaller than they are in the book itself). Still, they will be cute little paper houses to cut out and color.  Additionally, I set up a new paper house station in the Bubbler so people can also trace templates and fold houses from book pages. Like many crafty projects, the process has its tedious moments, and a need to do more practicing and refining, but the potential is sweet. I have seen some lovely lanterns made from clusters of these houses and I'm thinking about some sort of photography project involving houses and maps.

Shop16 001


As far as the shop is concerned, we have some April 1 orders that we are expecting any day. These cute little posts arrived - we expanded from the wooden ones we started carrying last year. We are expecting more notecards (especially Mothers' Day), onesies, Wisconsin prints, more t-shirts...

Shop16 003

And apparently our pleas did not fall on deaf ears: the Wisconsin Bicycle Forward t-shirt has been reprinted in blue (initially we were told the design was going to be out of print and replaced by other designs which, while nice, were not as great as that one).

 Shop16 002


Meanwhile, Sachi has been hard at work with Gocco printing. She has one new baby card, and is working on a new Madison card also, though dealing with some troubleshooting that is delaying/frustrating the process.

Brat 001

 We are also working on an order of  buttons for the Center for Media and Democracy

Shop16 026


I'm starting to get notices about vendors attending the National Stationery Show - in May - which is always tantilizing. We are looking forward to seeing what's new... and I'm looking forward to a few days of vacation while I'm out there, visiting a friend in Western Massachusetts. and no, I have no idea what I'll do while I'm out there, that's for another day.


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