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NYC, here we come!


It's impossible to overstate how exciting this time of year is for us. Our mailman brings us a bundle of amazing envelopes every day - fun stamp collages using vintage stamps, really fine letterpressed papers, hand-lettered envelopes, interesting design and construction. So fun! All of these come from stationery vendors around the country (and world in some cases), inviting us to stop by their booth at the National Stationery Show in New York City. We can hardly wait!

Ever since I learned of this show, years ago when I was working at a gift shop, I have wanted to attend. My boss at the time kind of scoffed and said it wasn't for us, but you can bet it was top on my list when we opened Anthology! For two girls who love paper the way Sachi and I do, it is four days of inspiration, and overstimulation. Aisle after aisle of paper goods, followed by good food, sightseeing and more paper goods around NYC. 

Besides note cards and journals and wrapping paper, we will see things like office supplies, washi tape (please oh please), tote bags, mugs, albums and more. We are looking forward to seeing new trends in color and design and bringing home lots of goodies for the shop. We usually spread the ship dates out over the next several months so there will be sure to be some new paper goodness the next time you stop in!