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where to begin?


Oh my gosh, you guys. Seriously. My mind is kind of spinning. First of all, was it last year that I felt like I wasn't doing enough frivolous art projects? yeah. Scratch that. My current preoccupation is a set of 15 paper crowns that are accordion-folded (so a little bit like books) as part of an exhibit at Overture for the book arts group I belong to. After some muddling around on construction, the project is well underway though I still have to figure out how to hang them on the walls, add some more details (paint and glitter most likely) and write the little stories for each crown. Each story is going to be short but as per usual, I am more concerned with content (scraps of paper to collage and text to write) than structure (after all, it's a pretty simple accordion shape). I have also been working on several new cards and other assorted PhotoShop projects for the shop. Though I still have to make new holiday cards, which Sachi has already finished. 

In store news, we had a wonderful time in New York City, of course. That trip is always very inspiring, stimulating, and exhausting. I finally feel like I'm catching up and getting back to normal. Perhaps the biggest thing we noticed at the Stationery Show was a lot of bold graphics, a movement away from pastel washes and handwritten gold text (not that it was completely absent but there was a lot more diversity). Some of our favorites were artists with linocut or other carved images, bright colors and striking graphics. The ship dates are spaced out between now and October but it seems like we've had a new arrival almost every day since we got back. 




Besides notecards, we found some great planners, sheets of wrapping paper,  boxed notes, wall calendars, washi tape and more. We're excited to share all of our finds with you.


This week, I installed the Father's Day window, which involved a little trip down memory lane. The theme is kind of outdoorsy, so I looked through our old childhood slides to try and find pictures of Dad and the two of us when we were younger. It was a fun exercise and has me thinking about other projects involving Blurb magazines in some form or another. Though we have our baby books, a Blurb magazine of our childhood pictures seems like it would be nice to have. Now I have to decide if I want to tackle the scanning or just send all those out and have someone else do that work.








Finally, though UW-Madison's graduation has come and gone, we are just gearing up for high school graduation. We have plenty of graduation cards to choose from, as well as an assortment of gifts for departing seniors (and for visiting tourists). Though by far one of our best-sellers has been the "let me file that" desk sign. Apparently it resonates for a lot of people.