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we have a website!

STORE - 004

Is it weird to announce that in a blog? Well, even though I have been a little neglectful of late, I do appreciate the role that this blog has so we'll definitely be keeping it. Some things require a little more than FB or Instagram have space for, or a little more mobility/responsiveness than a website has. But, yes, there's an online store. Not exactly earth-shattering, but it seems appropriate that we go live here in March, almost exactly 9 years from when we opened our doors. We are in the process of moving our inventory over to a new software system and I have therefore been reminded, daily, that this store has something like 16,500 items. Of those, about 48 are up on our website. This is going to take a while. I am trying not to get too stressed out so I took some time to look at pictures of Anthology when we first opened. Things have certainly filled in a lot since we first opened; I expect a similar trajectory for our website. All of which is to ask for your patience.

STORE - 099

There were several reasons that we decided to open a brick and mortar store instead of a website; all of those reasons pretty much hold true: we think it is better to see things in person, to the point that we don't think we can adequately portray the entirety of Anthology online; we like the immediacy of interacting with people, the randomness and serendipity that comes from people who just happen to walk in off the street; and as artists we certainly know that the products a person generates aren't necessarily so unchanging that we can stock multiples on a website. Much of what we have is more or less one of kind and doesn't readily translate to an online store. Did I qualify this enough? I mentioned on Facebook that we were getting a website and specifically told everyone not to get excited, and then had someone come into the shop that day to tell me she was so excited, and had several people comment similarly. The pressure!  Anyway, in service of putting more Anthology goodness out into the world, helping people carry more of it with them when they are not in our space, here we go.....

STORE - 098


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Mary Schmelzer

Love this store! Anthology has so many interesting collections to choose from.

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