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Well, I am a long way from catching up to my sister but I made a little dent last night. I have several projects rolling around in my head but fear that my skills are not up to the task so we'll see where that actually takes me. In the meantime, I'm watercolor doodling and mulling over... well, I don't know what it will be. In addition to the limitations of my skills, I am limited somewhat by printing capabilities. My new resolution for this year is to finally figure out how to get custom wrapping paper printed, and also to maybe deal with the Madison washi tape that has been on the back burner. We'll see how far I get. My challenge right now is balancing my desire for unlimited colors with what works for printing technology.

In the meantime, I spent last night on my second-ever screen printing sessions. Lesley Anne Numbers is wrapping up her artist residency at the Bubbler and wow, did she go all out. She hosted many different workshops, coordinated the massive two-deck tarot project and generated so many prints of her own that she had a table of prints she was giving away. I'm blown away by her talent and generosity. Last night was the last screen printing open studio. For a workshop I took earlier, Lesley let us use her screens to print so I went expecting to do that, only to find empty screens and start from scratch instructions. What I thought would be a short sampling of screen printing turned into a three hour affair, starting from trying to figure out what I would make and all the steps in between leading up to printing on paper. Luckily I had done some graphic design work for the shop so I had some material to draw upon, and I didn't get bogged down trying to think of some object to draw which would come up short of my expectations. When all else fails, go with text! I could have spent three hours just trying to make up my mind so I'm happy that things worked out with respect to narrowing the field of ideas. My niece asked me to make her a Princess Bubblegum t-shirt so this is the legwork towards that end. I didn't have a shirt with me so I printed on paper (went a little crazy with printing because I didn't want to waste ink, only to find out that I could scoop the ink back into its container - definitely not something that I try with acrylic paint, but maybe that's just because it is too hard to put paint back into a tube). And I might just end up sending the design to our local screenprinter to make shirts. My biggest challenge as always is to figure out how to simply use line and shape to delineate space, given how much I rely on color to do that job. And no, a multi-screen printing did not even cross my mind - or, rather, it did, but I dismissed it immediately for my lack of skill set in that arena. Just lining up the paper/screen/design precisely seems beyond me. Lesley and I have a long back and forth about screen printing vs. offset printing - my Capitalism and desire for efficiency usually tip the scales to offset printing in my world, not the least reason being that it frees me up to work on the zillion other ideas that I'm thinking about. But I do see the merits of screen printing and certainly love the look of ink sitting on top of paper, not to mention the satisfaction of the process so I am willing to concede those points to Lesley. But, yes, I'll probably make some offset printed postcards of this image.


I don't know if you are familiar with the TV show Adventure Time. A friend's husband casually mentioned it once and I watch it with Lily. There are some parts of it that I wouldn't really consider family-friendly but there are some really sweet moments that have endeared it to me. Not to mention that I identify strongly with Princess Bubblegum as both princess and scientist. Anyway, the quote is from Princess Bubblegum.


Meanwhile, Sachi has sent a series of images off to the various printers (offset and screen printing). One of her latest is her version of the Madison flag. I mean, what more is there to say? Look at all those little drawings! I love the way she put various lake objects in the two blue triangles that are supposed to represent the lakes. This image will also be available as a print... and, yes, I should make a postcard of this one also.


Besides her Madison flag, Sachi has a few other projects in the works. My mom tells the story of how it seemed like Sachi was taken a while to learn to walk but Mom once caught her practicing in the driveway when no one was looking. Like that, I feel like I tend to see the very beginning of a project and then all of a sudden it is completed. It is a mark of her talent, but also her hidden practicing and work - she makes it look easy but I know there is more to it than that.


Oh, and then I think I forgot to mention the other big news: the two Komai sisters' application to exhibit in the third floor of the Central Library was accepted! I have to admit I was having a lot of insecurity over whether our application would be up to snuff of the Art world. I know that my sister has the credentials at least, but I didn't send the best possible images (because I didn't want to take the pieces out of their frames) and I felt that I had to kind of push the round peg of Anthology into the square hole of an art exhibit. So, anyway, that will be something to look for next year, which is perfectly timed as that coincides with our 10th anniversary. The title of the show is Line and Color are Sisters, and will be a Komai sister compare/contrast. I don't know if we've ever had a show with just the two of us and I am looking forward to putting it together. There are definitely ways that I can see that Sachi has had an influence on my work so I think it will be fun to have a side by side comparison.


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