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book page flowers at the library


I did a little more Gelli printing on book pages this week in preparation for next week's book page flower workshop at Lakeview library. Gelli printing always seems like something that takes a bit to get into - the first several pages are kind of duds, but you can always print more on top of them, plus they are just going to be cut up. I think that contrasting colors actually work better, as long as you don't brayer them to mud. But maybe flower petals should not be so contrasting. The flower structure and construction is pretty simple but I love the look of the flowers that come from various book pages. I do like the look of painted paper so thought I'd make more of that. Since it has been a rainy week, that has given me time to do more printing. Plus, I need to refresh the flowers in our door stop.  A perfect spring activity.


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