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Take What You Need

HI know, I know, I've been gone so long. I haven't quite been reduced to 140 characters yet, but I guess we've been spending more time over on Instagram. I had a vague idea that the second half of the year would be slightly less work than the first half of the year. My new vague idea is that next year is going to be about working smarter rather than working harder. We'll see how that goes. I did get to take a couple art workshops this year so that has been a nice treat. Of all people, I feel like I shouldn't have to sign up for an art class in order to block off the time to create. But there's a big difference between two hours at night and two full days in a row over a weekend.

I have lost count of the number of new cards that Sachi came out with this year. She has been VERY busy. Sibling rivalry propels me to try and keep up. Then I look at the photos and it looks suspiciously like Sachi is making products for the store while I am dilly dallying around with collage. Sachi has five new holiday cards that are available singly and boxed, not to mention an assortment of every day and other occasion cards.



I have this vague idea that someday there will be Madison-related collages that turn into... something... cards? prints? But for now, not so much. After one card in a group tarot show, I ended up making a collage book of tarot - not the whole deck... yet....



I did make some new postcards inspired by our trip to Portland. Portland! What a wonderful trip that was. We were inspired by brick & mortar retail and have both been creating Madison/Midwest images that spun off from the PDX/Pacific Northwest items that we saw while away.



Oh, and Sachi made this amazing diorama of the store. So incredible! This is our holiday postcard and if you'd like a copy for yourself, please feel free to email us at with your mailing address.

Last but definitely not least, because who doesn't need a project in the busiest time of the year: our take what you need flyer. I made this hand-lettered flyer for our library residency a few years ago. I had it posted in the library and enjoyed conversations with people about what they took. I was particularly interested to see what was left. Love was usually one of the first to go, the high road one of the last. Occasionally we post these outside our door on State Street and I was thinking - in the midst of Thanksgiving and stress about what the President and Congress could possibly do next to undermine the ideals of this nation - that it would be a fine thing to post them for the rest of the year.... which led to a customer calling me to ask if she could purchase them.... which eventually led to me thinking that sharing this widely, and freely, is probably the best thing for this time of year.... which then made me wonder if we could post these in all 50 states. Perhaps by the end of the year is ambitious, but I am willing to set high goals and adjust them later if needed.


So, we'd love it if you'd play along. Here's the link for the file. We'd love it if you would download, print and post... and then snap a picture and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @Anthology218. #takewhatyouneed.

Hope you get everything you need this holiday season!



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