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The last day in our old space is September 15th.

Less than 1 month before the big move. Eek! I have always felt that my life is like that little game of plastic squares you have to move around and get in order, and all you have is one square free. It's even worse than usual. Every box that comes in, I unpack, put new goodies on display, then repack, then put on the hallway shelf where the items used to be. Today I tacked some of those miscellaneous boxes which I'm pretty sure have not been touched since we first moved in. Soon we will get the key and I will be able to shift things into our new basement. So exciting to get storage space! 


There are a zillion ideas rolling around in my head. At least the paint colors have been decided upon so I can stop pestering everyone with that. I just have to go around the space and mark all the walls with the color changes. We've started talking about what to do with an expanded craft workshop space and pondering new directions of products. That said, we also remember our business plan when we first started - some of the good intentions we had which were replaced with good implementations based on customer feedback. I'm already envisioning a bit of a rearrange in January once we see how traffic flows for the holidays. Now that we have more storage, we don't have to store everything on the sales floor so there will probably be some gradual replacement of dressers and other fixtures. Generally, gradual, that is, unless situations arise as they did this summer, with Capitol Kids retiring and creating the opportunity to purchase what is perhaps the cutest fixture ever - I mean, it's a boat! We couldn't resist, even though I have no idea where it is going. It's very functional though so I don't think it was a hasty decision.


Anyway, time is going quickly and I continue my blog lapses, however if you want to keep up to date, there's always Facebook and Instagram. For progress on the new space, you can check out #anthology230 (get it? We'll have moved from 218 State Street to 230 State Street).


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