we moved!
a new day dawns

ready for the new year


So, right, we moved. I had a feeling this was overdue by at least a year and we certainly planned that moving into a larger space would help us grow, but we didn't really expect immediate results. But what a busy holiday season it has been! Whew! We are so tremendously grateful to all of our customers, thankful for all the ways that the big leap has already paid off. We handily leapt past a benchmark that we've been hovering under for about three years and I think both sisters are reinvigorated by the new possibilities that more space gives us. We'll be going to the National Stationery Show and New York Gift Show in February so we'll see what inspiration we find there.


We are so happy to remain on the 200 block, a decision reinforced by all the holiday treats that our neighbors brought to us. We are amazed by the work that Isthmus Tattoo and Social Club did to transform our old space at 218 State Street. In all, it feels like everything is growing up. While our old space served us well, it was time for us to give a better home to all of our great product. I'm particularly enjoying the new ledge shelves to display prints. The space that we moved into was the Fanny Garver Gallery space and although we didn't really think about it at the time, the former life means many advantages, such as the picture rail alls and the excellent lighting. Unlike the old space, the window is not set back at an angle from the sidewalk and we had many people come into the store who never even saw us in our old space so the increased exposure is certainly a plus. The increased size of the window didn't really sink in until I was installing it - it uses up a lot of prints and other products! - but it has been a treat to have a larger canvas. 


The holiday window was back to my favorite blues and purples, with a constellation/science/witch emphasis. I had a New Year window all planned out but about a week before Christmas, we were asked to put together a coloring book for the Kids' Gala for the Governor-elect's inauguration weekend. (No small thing... Hooray for Tony Evers!!!). This led Sachi to new drawing and led me to scrap the window plan... because, OF COURSE, we need to have an inauguration window. How wonderful it is to have a celebratory inauguration window instead of a protest inauguration window! Sachi's design will be the cover of the kids' coloring book but the Governor-elect also asked for a bigger file so they can make some larger prints. Meanwhile, we've sent it off to our screen printer so we'll have a print for our window.



(naturally there will be a little nod to the protest which, new Gov notwithstanding, goes on)


2018 involved a lot of looking backwards and looking forwards as we celebrated our 10 year anniversary, and then a lot of furniture shopping and paint chip shuffling. We spent some time marveling at where we started in 2008 and all the intentions (some unfulfilled) and unexpected directions that we set out on. We are looking forward to a new year with new room to grow.



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